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Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

Mount Vernon Community School Behavior Code

The staff at Mount Vernon believes that all students learn best in a well-managed and structured environment where expectations for behavior are clearly stated and uniformly enforced. Mount Vernon's behavior code is based on the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) framework, which we began implementing in 2010. PBIS is based on a set of expectations that are taught, re-taught, and reinforced in a variety of ways throughout the school year. Homeroom teachers provide the foundational lessons in their classroom and are reinforced with classroom-based lessons provided by our school counselor. In addition, staff members throughout the building are trained in ways to reteach, model, and reinforce the expectations. This system gives students the opportunity to practice appropriate behaviors in all situations and to be held responsible for their own actions. No students are permitted to prevent others from learning. Finally, each classroom teacher develops his or her own plan for routines, procedures, and implementation of the expectations through their classroom management system.

Mount Vernon Expectations

  • Effort

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Safety

Each of these expectations is clearly explained in the school-wide Expectations matrix that is posted throughout the building, and specific in different areas.

Incentives for Appropriate Classroom Behavior

  • Train Tickets - exchanged for items and privileges at the monthly store/catalog

  • Class Tickets - exchanged for incentives determined by each classroom

  • Quarterly recognition


  • Loss of privileges

  • Complete a Refocus form

  • Phone call home

  • Parent/teacher/student conference

  • School Support Team Intervention

  • Referral to the office

  • Zero tolerance for bullying, violence and weapons of any kind. Students will be suspended.

  • Other consequences as listed in "Guidelines for Student Discipline."

  • The behavior code at Mount Vernon Community School is based on the Alexandria City Public Schools "Guidelines for Student Discipline." All families should receive a copy of these guidelines in the mail. If you did not receive your copy, please call the school office.

Serr~ious About Success School Pledge

At Mount Vernon we are SERR-ious about success!

Here are the traits that we all possess -

S is for Safety, which we practice everyday

E is for Effort we put forth in every way

R is for Respect that we show to everyone, and it's

R- Responsibility to get the job done!

At Mount Vernon we are SERR-ious about success!

Serious about success,

Serious about success.

If you would like to learn more about PBIS (aka MTSS or PBS), please visit the national website at