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Facility Modernization & Maintenance

Facility Modernization Projects

January-March 2020: Cooling Tower Replacements, Exterior Renovations, Kitchen Renovations and Fire Alarm Assessment

HVAC (Cooling Tower Replacement) Status: Initiation

Replacement of an existing cooling tower. 

  • Progress through Q3: Defining the scope of work and engagement of a mechanical engineer to assess existing conditions and design a code compliant new cooling tower. 
  • Anticipated progress through Q4: Procurement of contract and initiation of design. 

Renovations and Reconfiguration Status: Design/Planning

This project is conducting a comprehensive drainage and engineering analysis of the school and land. 

  • Progress through Q3: Engineering computations of the roof covering and impermeable areas, as well as, sheet flow analysis of permeable soil were completed and construction plans were developed to address drainage improvements (yard inlets, pipe-resizing, interior courtyard reconfiguration) around the building and grounds. 
  • Anticipated progress through Q4: Posting an Invitation to Bid for the drainage and courtyard improvements to retain stormwater and improve the drainage system. 

Kitchen/Cafeteria Renovation and Reconfiguration Status: Design/Planning

This project includes kitchen upgrades, as well as, reconfiguration of the serving area and storage areas. The upgraded design will address the need for a defined serving area that facilitates faster and efficient queuing/purchasing of food. The design and layout will also create more economical and efficient food preparation.  

  • Progress through Q3: The project was scoped with the completed kitchen assessment study. Design services for the “Kitchen Renovation and Support Spaces Project” were secured with the architectural firm: Maginnis + del Ninno. The design scope of work will include major renovations of the kitchen area and the serving area, with a minimal upgrade to the adjacent Cafeteria and HVAC system. 
  • Anticipated Progress through Q4: Completion of the design documents for the kitchen renovation, as well as, design recommendations for the adjacent cafeteria, construction of design recommendations through Job Order Contracting (asbestos removal, flooring, paint), and posting of an Invitation to Bid for kitchen renovation construction. Construction of the kitchen area will be coordinated with our School Nutrition Director to arrange for off-site preparation and delivery of food services. 

Fire Alarm System Status: Initiation

This project is part of an assessment of fire alarm compliance and upgrades across the ACPS school system. Once the immediate needs of each school are delineated, project planning will follow. 

  • Progress through Q3: Consultant initiated overview for pricing proposal. 
  • Anticipated progress through Q4: The consultant study will be implemented with site reconnaissance and assessment to address each individual school across the system.

Read the Quarter 3 report.

July-September 2019: New Roof, Improved Envelope and the Playground Opens! 

The new completed playground was opened during the first quarter of FY200. After the opening damage was sustained by the: cedar bridge, musical instrument, organic retaining wall, cast gate hinges and tunnel trellis, but all repairs except to the tunnel trellis are complete.

The entire roof of Mount Vernon Community School was replaced as well as several windows, two roof access doors, a roof access ladder and the close out is underway. 

Flooring: $54,000

HVAC: $289,000

Lighting: $7,000

Painting: $31,000

Roofing: $385,000

Water Intrusion: $26,000
Total amount spent on modernization projects for Mount Vernon Community School between July through September 2019: $792,000.

In addition, a total of $91,000 in system-wide funds were used to:

Remediate Asbestos: $8,000

Flooring: $13,000

HVAC: $52,000

Playground: $18,000

Facility Condition Assessment

Facility Maintenance Updates